#Zoladdiction2019 Wrap Up

April has gone, and so has Zoladdiction 2019. For me, especially, it has been a thoroughly fun and inspiring. I dare say that #Zoladdiction2019 was the best I've ever hosted. Thirteen participants (the biggest number since I hosted it in 2011 for the first time) have decided to join in. We have talked about Zola's works, shared our posts as well as our reads. We have made new friends with some Zola’s fans, and even got a new Zoladdict! JOne participant in Instagram even chatted with me (via Instachat) about our favorite Zolas, and he recommended some Zola movies I’m eager to watch. And I have also treated myself with two new Zolas: The Dream (which I plan to read this year), and OWC's edition of La Débâcle

In short, I've had a huge fun last month! How's yours?

Nevertheless, it must stop now. I only hope that you all have had as much fun as I did. And I do hope you will continue reading and loving Zola. Don't worry, next year Zoladdiction will be back!

Meanwhile, don't forget to link up your posts/reviews in the linky (if you haven't). It will be up until 15th May. Zoladdiction is over, but you can still post anything still left over your reads.

Lastly, thousands of thanks to you all, it has been awesome! Until next year!

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