Zoladdiction 2019 Master Post

We are here at last! Zoladdiction . BEGINS . today.

Grab your book, read, and experience nature and life, which are always celebrated in Zola’s books.

The linky will appear below this post, started on the 15th, where you can add your reviews or other Zola posts. Do not forget to share them on Twitter or Instagram too with hashtag #Zoladdiction2019! I will retweet/repost them on my accounts.

Everytime you catch interesting snippets (you’ll find many from Zola’s!), do not forget to capture them and share on Twitter or Instagram! Use these prompts to help you:

For further explanation on the prompts, you can check my pinned tweet (just click “show the thread”), or my “Zoladdiction” highlight stories on my IG.

As Zoladdiction originally started as celebration of Zola’s birthday, let us make effort on April 2nd (or before, if you need to prepare something!) and spreading a lot of attention to Zola, by sharing our personal “Zoladdiction”on blog, Twitter or IG. It can be just a photo of your Zola collections, or sharing how you have first found Zola, or maybe you’d like to post a personal challenge to read all his books? – anything to show our love/appreciation to Zola. He really deserved that!

And now, let’s have fun!

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