Mimi and Bear in the Snow

Mimi and Bear in the Snow - cover
Mimi and Bear in the Snow – cover

Title: Mimi and Bear in the Snow

Author & Illustrator: Janee Trasler

Published: October 2014 (Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR))

ISBN: 978-037-434-971-4

Pages: 32

Genre: Picture Book – Children

Rate: thumbsthumbsthumbsthumbs



Mimi and Bear in the Snow - back cover
Mimi and Bear in the Snow – back cover




Wherever Mimi goes, Bear is sure to be there—whether she is ice-skating, having fancy tea with the queen, or making a scary snow monster. But what happens when Mimi can’t find Bear?


This book is not just an ordinary picture book. It is also a rhyming book. The story is very simple, yet will give such a heart-warming effect. The gorgeous illustration will show readers to identify Mimi’s facial expressions and match them with feelings they have been through themselves . Mimi and Bear really happy when they play together, but when Bear gets lost, poor Mimi is heartbroken. She even hardly sleep since Bear is not there beside her.


The next morning, Mimi go outside and try her best to find Bear. Will she ever find her best friend again?
Janee Trasler’s spare text and utterly adorable artwork will resonate with anyone who has ever lost a beloved toy.

My youngest is reading Mimi and Bear in the Snow

PS: my youngest son (almost 5 y.o) read the book from our local playground’s mini-library.



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