Down To Earth : A Guide to Simple Living

This is my first (finished) read in 2019: Down to Earth by Rhonda Hetzel. I follow her blog for years and so inspired by her writings there, then I bought this book. She wrote about the beauty of simple living. It is about finding peace, joy and satisfaction within ourselves by nurturing our family at home.

Nowadays homemaking was a skill that nearly forgotten or considered unimportant. Most of us took shortcuts, the faster and easier instant modern lives. We believed what advertising told us. Then we bought everything that appealed to us. We'd been paying someone else to do that job, to provide food for us, to take care of our family, to clean our house, we were almost completely dependent on others to help us live.

Simple living is about regaining the power to direct our own lives and become doers rather than buyers. It’s about becoming independent. It's about discovering that happiness is not bought; it is developed gradually in the day-to-day activities to nurture our home.

In this book Rhonda wrote all things we need to know about home life, housekeeping and self-reliance in a simple living way: how to manage spending, shop and store food, cook from scratch, organise and declutter, plant a productive garden, and many more.

 4 stars for this book. If you are looking for a book about home and family management, or simple living way of life, or how to reduce spending and live well on less, this one is a good recommendation. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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