Chocolate House Treason

Chocolate House Treason

Title : Chocolate House Treason

Author : David Fairer

Expected publication: September 28th 2019

Publisher : Matador

Literature is not mere words. Poem, for example, could be deathly political weapon; it could bring the state in a turmoil. Like what I read in this book, poems from an anonymous writer found illegally spreading in the coffee houses brought us to a bizarre murder case which leads a publisher as a suspect. Mr. Emmet who worked in a publishing company, killed in his own office, clutching this poem in his hand. His boss, Mr. Morphew is the only suspect for this since he was found in the same office in a complete disarray and blood all over his clothes. Most people believed this is the case, but our heroes, Tom Bristowe, Will Lundy, and Widow Trotter didn’t. They determined to find the answer for this murder case and save the publisher life. The three went on investigations in the middle of Queen Anne’s England, 1708.

I could say this is kind of long story for a mystery. The tempo is slow and it’s full of historical facts. I do admire this side, the history side which the writer choose to write. He choose to write about Queen Anne’s Robert Harley situation in 1700ish and it is a whole new information for me. I’m not really familiar of England’s history and I feel a little hard to adapt at the beginning. You know, I kept forgetting who’s who, and I did searching and do my own research of the Whig and Tory for the book’s sake. But really, the book has a remarkable details. I always loved if the book is deeply researched like this.

The writing is nice, I like the words the author used. The mystery itself is so confusing and need some deliberation. Politic is everywhere and the book made me think twice to be in that politic world (no, actually I’m never into politics :p). The issue about political writings also made me think how powerful words are. I like the ending, I like the main characters, they are likeable even the little characters like Jem, but my favorite is Will Lundy, hehe. I even found myself hoping that this book is going to be a mystery series from the author.

Thank you Netgalley and Matador for the opportunity to read this book.

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