Book Review : The Little Fir Tree

Author : Christopher Corr

Title : The Little Fir Tree

Published Date : 01 Oct 2019

The Little Fir Tree is a nice colorful book intended for children. I requested this book because the cover is so beautiful. The exceprt said this was originally Hans Christian Andersen’s story. I had not read this story before, let alone hear about it, so it’s exciting for me.

The main character is a fir tree that lives in the woods. We begin when the tree is young and envying other tall trees that being cut away by people and being brought with them to see “another world”. Well, isn’t that what we all felt when we were a little? We envying the grown up and didn’t realize that our childhood is awesome.

The morale of the story is great for kids and for adults too. I personally like the brightful color, it’s so refreshing to see.

Thank you Netgalley and Frances Lincoln Children’s Books for granting my wish.

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