Book Review : Bad Memory

Bad Memory

Author : Lisa Gray

Title : Bad Memory

Publisher : Thomas & Mercer

Expected Publication : October 24th 2019

“There’s always something interesting happening in small towns. You just need to know where to look.”

The quote is utterly suitable with the book. Hundred Acres all of a sudden become an interesting small town for Jessica Shaw, the Private Investigator in the local agency. Rose Hunter paid her to investigate the old murder case which involved her only sister, Rue Hunter. The case, ladies and gentleman, happened thirty years ago.

I didn’t know this is series. I happened to suspect it when in the middle of finishing the book. This proves that you don’t have to read the prequel to understand the book. The story flows really well, the writing is great, and I didn’t hate Jessica. I even want to cheer for her to solve the case, she’s a hard worker girl and not belong to hypocrite type. So Jessica is fine main character for me.

How a long time ago murder case opened again is the one that attracted me. Yes, it does seem strange and weird the Hunters want to investigate the case again thirty years later. Does it not seem too late? But eventhough I doubt the premise, the situation is strange enough to make me curious of who’s done what. The mystery itself is complicated, the characters are not few, it seems the new one always pops up and make a new connection to the case. And it all happened in a week. Is it really possible in the investigation world though?

Nonetheless, I like the complicated story that solve itself in the end. I like Lisa Gray’s writing and how she brings the feeling of small town in this book makes me like it even more. If only she made it a little bit more eerie. The conclusion is great and the ending is good too. Looking forward to read next book in this fine series.

Thank you Netgalley and Thomas & Mercer for providing me a copy of this ARC.

4 to 5 stars for this book

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